Years 5 & 6 Girls Reflect on Cross Country

We are extremely proud of the Year 5/6 cross country team, who have trained so hard for the last seven weeks in the rain and cold to prepare for today’s JIGSSA Cross Country event.

We interviewed some of our amazing runners about the carnival.

What do you love about cross country?

I love how you feel after the race and when you cross the finish line. Also hanging out with your friends. Annabelle

What was the highlight of the event?

Finishing the race, because the race was very hard and it was good to finally finish. Sarah

The highlight was having a go, and also seeing how Santa Maria’s work has paid off. We came first in the Year 6 race. Therese

What was the hardest part of today’s event?

It was probably at the end of the race when I had to start sprinting. Annabelle

The hardest part was trying not to fall over and when I stumbled, to pick myself up again. Mila

Congratulations to the Year 6s who won their pennant and well done to the Year 5s who finished 5th.

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