Years 5 & 6 Hit the Pool

The Year 5/6 Swimming carnival has been swum and won. It was fantastic to see the College pool come alive with colour and excitement as the girls took to the pool. There were some big records broken on the day and some amazing swims. Not only did our top swimmers excel in the water but it was fantastic to see our beginner swimmers brave the water and an audience and compete in a number of events.

We must acknowledge the following girls who achieved some outstanding results.


  • Ava Forrest, de la Hoyde –  50m Freestyle – 29.90
  • Alyssa Monaco, Byrne – 50m Breaststroke – 40.13
  • Ava Forrest, de la Hoyde – 50m Backstroke – 35.11
  • Ava Forrest, de la hoyde – 25m Butterfly – 15.27. This record was also broken by Alyssa Monaco (Byrne) and Ava Donovan (O’Donnell) and was an excellent race to watch.
  • Bianca Monaco, Alyssa Monaco, Shevonne Metcalf and Stella Foss, Byrne – 4x50m Freestyle Relay – 2.30.35. These girls broke the existing record by over 22 seconds.
  • Bianca Monaco, Shevonne Metcalf, Alyssa Monaco and Rachel Bozanich, Bryne – 4x 25m Medley Relay – 1.17.74. These girls broke the existing record by over 22 seconds.

Champion Girls Year 5 Runner Up
Jade Bain (Byrne)Year 5 Champion
Tenille Pretorius (Corbett)Year 6 Runner Up
Alyssa Monaco (Byrne)Year 6 Champion
Ava Forrest (de la Hoyde) Results from the day

  1. Byrne
  2. Kelly
  3. Corbett
  4. O’Donnell
  5. O’Reilly
  6. De la Hoyde
  7. Dillon
  8. Frayne
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