Years 5 & 6 Winter Games

Year 5 Winter Games

Term 2 is Winter Games on the JIGSSA calendar. The Years 5 and 6 students have been enjoying the opportunity to get outside and play some sports against other schools! 

The Year 5 Winter Games was an opportunity for the girls to participate and compete in either netball or soccer. They are also given the chance to learn a new sport, either cricket or AFL. The Year 5s had a fantastic day playing and truly showed their skills on the court and the field.

Year 5 Winter Games

We had some wonderful Year 9 coaches join us and take on the responsibility of coach for the day. We are extremely grateful for their enthusiasm, organisation, and knowledge!

Year 5s with Year 9 coaches

The Year 6 Winter Games format changed this year to three Friday sessions. This gave the students an opportunity to have a number of fixtured games in their chosen sport over the three-week period. The girls were very competitive against the other JIGSSA schools, and the teams had some great games in netball, basketball, and soccer.

Year 6 Winter Games

Here’s what some of the girls had to say.

Year 6 student Emily Grieves said, “I enjoyed the funny moments. One of them was when my friend did a throw-in, and the ball landed on her head.”

Lucy Lomma, also Year 6, said she liked hanging out with her team and supporting them.

Elise Nguyen from Year 5 shared her thoughts. “I thought it was fun. I didn’t like cricket that much because I don’t play cricket and it wasn’t as good. I really liked soccer, though. I play it on weekends with my friends. You get to run more rather than stay in one place.”

Another Year 5 student, Billie Woods-Smith had this to say, “The Winter Games was really fun because you got to play with all your friends and experience what it’s like to verse other schools in sports you may not play usually.”

Year 6 students with Alli Nokes, Sports Captain
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