Year 9 Students Trace Steps of Sisters of Mercy

The world’s volume, depth, and intensity is something that only those on foot will ever experience. Perhaps some version of this idea is why many people need the experience of a journey, now more than ever.

Half of our Year 9 cohort made the same journey this week as the first Sisters of Mercy did when they arrived in Australia more than 175 years ago. As students walked this journey of remembrance, they were reminded to focus on their own personal journey through life and were reminded each person has their own unfolding story. 

Students were transported from the College to Fremantle to begin the Amazing Race of Mercy at Bathers Beach, the arrival point of Mother Ursula Frayne and her companions in January 1846.

In Fremantle, students also visited The Orient, the site where Mother Ursula and her fellow Sisters rested before travelling to Perth. The girls then travelled up the Swan River by ferry to the Barrack Street Jetty. The race saw them challenged with various clues that took them to the Pro-Cathedral and the Mercy Heritage Centre at Victoria Square, whilst stopping at significant landmarks along the way to recount the beginnings of the religious sisters in Australia

Next Tuesday, we look forward to sharing the experience with the other half of our Year 9 cohort.

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