Zoe Selected for Good Answers Guide

Congratulations to Zoe Bolden (Class of 2022) for being selected by SCSA (School Curriculum & Standards Authority) for the 2023 Politics & Law Good Answers Guide.

SCSA is responsible for setting the West Australian school curriculum and recognising student achievement.

The Good Answers Guide consists of ATAR exam responses from some of the state’s top-performing students, alongside marker feedback outlining what makes it a good answer.

These answers are used by current students all over WA as study material and will assist them ahead of their exams.

We asked Zoe a few questions regarding this incredible achievement. Here is what she had to say: 

How does being selected for the Good Answers Guide make you feel?

I was excited to receive the news. I have been using the good answers guide for the past two years as a resource in Politics & Law, and to be included is an honour. I look forward to seeing which of my responses are included!

What does being selected mean to you?

I have been interested in Politics & Law throughout high school, and to be selected is amazing. I have grown in the subject to better my performance, specifically in the past two years. All the hours of study, class and time spent in the mock trials and debate co-curricular were in preparation for the final exams, and to be recognised for that work is quite special.

What do you attribute to your success?

Both my Politics & Law teacher, Ms Plandran, and the other girls in my class encouraged and supported me throughout the year. Our class constantly collaborated, working together in group study sessions and assisting each other with any practice questions. The enthusiasm of the class motivated me to continue learning and studying.

What are your plans post-school?

I am beginning a Bachelor of Computing at Curtin University this year while also participating in the Australian Defence Force CyberGap Program. While the computing industry is an entirely different area than politics, I am excited to venture into it as it is another area I am passionate about. I still plan on remaining active in learning about local, state and federal politics.

What would be your biggest piece of advice to current students?

Collaborate with the people around you! Dividing notes, research and practice questions is a great way to gain different perspectives in the courses you study. ATAR is made out to be a competition, which is stressful. However, having your peers and friends all do well in a subject together makes the years more enjoyable.

Well done, Zoe! What a fantastic example to set for our Year 12 students as they head into their final year at the College. 

Please be on the lookout for the publication, which will be released in the coming months.

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