Zonta House Appeal

Zonta House is an organisation that the College supports through our Service Program. On 16 – 29 October Zonta House are appealing to the College community for donations of new and/or used items for the Zonta House Refuge Association. 

Statistics show that domestic and family violence is most likely to be committed by men against women. Domestic and family violence is a pattern of abusive behaviour in an intimate relationship or family relationship where one person assumes a position of power over another and causes fear. Donations will help support women over the age of 18 who are in Zonta’s crises centre, transitional housing and women who have moved into their own safe and stable accommodation.

What can be donated?

Zonta House are currently in need of the following items.

New Items
PJs (all sizes)
Bed socks
Water bottles
Bras (all sizes)

New and/or used items
Dressing gowns
Phone chargers
Photo frames

Where can you drop off donations?

 Donation boxes will be placed around the City of Melville from 16 – 29 October. Below is a timetable of where the donation boxes will be available.

Date Location Box number
16 – 22 October Willagee IGA 1
16 – 22 October Bull Creek Shopping Centre 2
16 – 22 October Civic Square Library 3
23 – 29 October Willagee IGA 1
23 – 29 October Blue Gum Community Centre 2
23 – 29 October Civic Centre – Main Building 3

Items will be collected at the end of each week and brought to Zonta House headquarters.

Visit the Zonta House website for more information.

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