A Joyful Gathering at the 2024 Alumni Reunion

The 2024 Alumni Reunion at Santa Maria College was a lively event, drawing over 250 past students. It was heartening to witness the camaraderie among old friends, as they shared stories and laughter, embodying the true spirit of our community.

We were thrilled to see alumni from various graduating classes, including 2019, 2014, 2004, 1999, 1994, 1984, and 1974.

The event held special significance for Audrey Hebiton (Doyle, 1984) and her daughter Keeley (2019), Libby Wilkes (Woodgate, 1984) and her daughter Emily (2014), Erin Briown (Cant, 1984) and her daughter Eliza Hardie (2014) and Frances O’Callaghan (1974) and her daughter Bridget Watkin (1984) who celebrated their reunions together.

Despite the scorching weather, guests eagerly participated in a tour of the College, many returning for the first time since leaving school. As they explored the campus and its modern amenities, reminiscing about their own school days, comments about how fortunate the students of today are, were common.

Following the tour, the attendees enjoyed refreshing beverages and canapes while continuing to catch up and create new memories. The reunion provided a platform for old friendships to be rekindled and the enduring bond of Santa Maria Mercy girls to be reaffirmed.

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