Building Connections Through Sisterhood Lunch Series

The Sisterhood Lunch Series was developed to build a connection between our senior students and our alumni by inviting alumni back to the College to share their experiences and wisdom since graduating.

Each session was intimate, with no more than 15 seats available at each 30-minute lunch session. The girls received a packed lunch box, courtesy of our Old Girls’ Association. We received an overwhelming response from our alumni, with 14 alumni signing up for the series and 205 seats filled by students.

A diverse group of alumni ranging from a criminologist to a pilot delivered presentations about their professions, discussed what they studied, how they managed work and study, and how volunteerism can help land a post-graduation job.

The Sisterhood Lunch Series has provided our students with deeper insights into careers and fostered a sisterhood among Santa Maria College students and alumni.

Here is what some of our students who attended had to say:

It was insightful hearing the speakers, who gave helpful and honest opinions about their pathway and the field they were working in. Many speakers came from different industries and pursued different pathways which were very interesting.  Overall, the lunches were a helpful session, as many past students were keen on sharing their experiences with us which helped me further understand what I want to do in the future. Tisya Chowdhary, Year 10.

The several lunches I attended allowed me to see different pathways I could take after high school. Because of this opportunity, I have become more aware of industries that I had not considered before and where different degrees could lead me. Rebecca Barker, Year 11.

We look forward to running this again next year!

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