Covid Related Absences / Notifications

Please read the COVID information HERE prior to registering your daughter’s absence / notification as it includes a guide to calculate your daughter’s return date. Registering here replaces the need to email Principal1. Please complete one form for each child if more than one daughter.



  • Academic Work Plan
    Students who are absent are expected to complete their work as per the instructions on the Academic Workplan each week and show their completed tasks to their teacher for feedback on their return. Should a student be too unwell to complete the course work from home, we ask that parents contact the relevant Dean of Year, who will communicate this to their daughter’s teachers.
  • Assistance
    Your daughter is welcome to contact her Dean or teachers via email should she need assistance to ensure she can continue her learning. Should your daughter require materials from her locker please be in contact with her Dean.
  • Absences
    In regard to your daughter’s absence, she will be marked as working from home if she is positive to COVID-19. Should your daughter be unwell please inform us via [email protected] and she will be marked as unwell. You are not required to contact us each day. We will assume she is learning from home unless we hear otherwise.
  • For any COVID related queries please contact Student Services on 6330 0252
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