I’m Worried My Daughter Has A Developmental Disorder

Variation in our children’s traits, strengths and weaknesses is normal. If you are concerned that your daughter is struggling in a particular area or with a particular skill, despite behavioural intervention (such as tutoring), and your child’s teachers agree that she is struggling, speak with your GP, or one of our psychology team about a psycho-educational assessment.

Some parents are hesitant to have their child assessed. Advantages of having your struggling child assessed include:

  • Assessment means the appropriate intervention can be applied. 
  • Intervention puts your child on a ‘level playing field’ to others, so she can reach her potential.
  • Assessment and intervention can be hugely beneficial for self-esteem. Children who are left undiagnosed with a developmental disorder often experience anxiety and depression and feel inadequate when they can’t do something no matter how hard they try. An accurate diagnosis can bring them relief. 
  • A diagnosis may entitle your daughter to additional supports at school. 
  • Any diagnosis is part of your daughter’s confidential health record.

Links to information about the most popular developmental disorders are provided below. 

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