First Scotland, Now Sierra Leone: Emily’s Upcoming Adventure

You may remember one of our articles last year about Emily Daniels (2014). At the time, Emily was living in Aberdeen, Scotland, working as a nurse in the Emergency Department of a Trauma Centre. Emily told us about her experiences living and working in a new country during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. At the end of the article, Emily shared with us her plans for the future, which included participating in mission work in Africa. Emily has fulfilled this desire, and she is about to head off on a new adventure to Sierra Leone with Mercy Ships, at the end of this year. 

Can you tell us a bit about Mercy Ships?

Founded in 1978 by Don Stephens, their goal is to serve the countries they visit by providing surgery to those in need. Mercy Ships changes the lives of those they serve through life changing surgeries, from burns and grafts, to orthopaedic surgery, fixing cleft palettes and building health capacity in local communities. They provide hope and healing to some of the world’s poorest people.

How did you hear about Mercy Ships and what encouraged you to apply?

I saw the documentary ‘The Surgery Ship‘ in April 2020. I was blown away by how the volunteers had given up so much of their time to support and care for those in need. I have always wanted to serve others within my nursing career, and after building my experience for the last three years, I felt ready to apply. I missed out first go, due to popular demand, and was thrilled to be accepted in my second attempt this year.

Where will you be going and what will you be doing during your time aboard the ship?

I am serving on the Global Mercy which is stationed at Sierra Leone from August of this year to June of 2024. I am onboard from December to the end of March. I am so excited to be going and will be welcoming in the new year doing what I love. I am volunteering as a paediatric ward nurse during my stay. I will be looking after children of all ages as they stay onboard and receive the best pre and post-operative care and overall health care that Mercy Ships can provide.

What is one thing you are looking forward to while working on the Mercy Ship?

I am looking forward to working with like minded people who are all passionate about delivering the best care possible. I am also looking forward to meeting the local people who also work on board and learning more about living aboard the surgical ship!

To those interested in following Emily’s journey, there will be an 8-part documentary series airing on 7Two on Sunday 29 October, that follows the doctors, nurses and their patients aboard the Mercy Ships. 

If you would like to support Emily on her Sierra Leone journey with Mercy Ships, please click here to donate. 

Thank you, Emily for sharing with us the amazing medical help that Mercy Ships provides; it is truly inspirational! We wish you all the best for your upcoming volunteer work and look forward to hearing more when you return. 

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