Golden Girls’ Luncheon

85 of our Santa Maria alumni gathered this week for the annual Golden Girls’ Luncheon. The ladies who attended graduated between the years 1947 – 1974.

The day was a wonderful celebration of friendship and community. Many remarked on the amazing changes to the College, the beautiful view from the Staff Community Room, and the delicious lunch.

Principal, Jennifer Oaten, paid a visit to the ladies, presenting on the College’s new Cultural Centre development.

Our Year 11 ACCESS students were a tremendous help on the day, serving food and attending to the Golden Girls. The flute quintet also made an appearance, creating a beautiful ambiance for everyone to enjoy.

A special mention must also go to the Year 7 students, who greeted the Golden Girls upon their arrival and guided them to the Staff Community Room.

Here is what some of our Year 7 girls had to say about the experience:

I loved greeting the Golden Girls. They were so nice and loved to chat with us. My favourite part of the day was talking to them and hearing about what they loved about Santa. A lot of them said how much it has changed since they stayed here. A lot of the old boarders told me about how they looked at the river in the mornings from the balcony. Summer Nguyen

I learned that the school used to have students all the way down to Year 1, and how two ladies had been friends since the day they stepped foot into the College. I asked them if they would change anything about their experience, and they said that they wouldn’t change it for the world. Another lady said that the McAuley Building used to be the Boarding House and that she stayed in a dorm for three years until she moved into her own room. She said that she loved the experience of boarding here, therefore, her daughter was to go and board at this school, even though at this point in her life, she lived in Perth. She still wanted her daughter to have this experience! Eva Zaninovich

I enjoyed talking to the ladies and hearing about their experiences. A highlight of the day for me was when I was walking one of the ladies to the lift – she said she was so happy to be there and gave me a hug before she went in the lift. Another lady told me the school was very different from how she remembered it and that she was in Mercy House when she started. Therese Robertson

I enjoyed watching the ladies catch up with their old friends and hearing about all the different stories they had. One of them told me that the café used to be their year 8 room and that they fit 66 people in there. Olivia Brennan

I loved meeting all those new people, and learning their stories. A highlight of the day was the first woman I met, who was so excited. She was so sweet and made my realise how I might feel coming to these events in the future. There were a lot of Robin’s and Margaret’s but one of my favourite people to meet was a woman with colourful hair. She was so much fun, and I loved taking her in the Staff Community Room. Jade Auret

I really enjoyed getting to know all of the ladies and asking them things about their time at Santa Maria and finding out how much it has changed. The highlight of my day was when the first lady came and she was very excited and she was telling me heaps of things about the College and how she loves coming back. A few of the other ladies told me how the boarding area used to be on the opposite side of the school and that the canteen was really small and it made me think of how lucky I am to be at Santa Maria. Sophie Gault

A massive thank you goes to everyone involved for creating such a memorable event. Bring on next year’s luncheon!

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