Jess Stewart (2023) Shines At Performing Arts Perspectives

Jess Stewart, 2023 graduate and Performing Arts Captain, took to the stage this week at the Performing Arts Perspectives. Jess earned this opportunity after showcasing her exceptional talent and earning the top score in ATAR Dance last year. Each year, the highest-scoring WACE students are invited to audition, and Jess’s remarkable performance secured her a spot among the select few. A panel of experts from both the professional arts realm and education sector carefully curates the lineup, ensuring a diverse showcase of creativity and skill.

We asked Jess to share her experience.

Perspectives has been an incredible experience and one that I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of. Working alongside some of the top ATAR Dance students in the State has been eye opening to the talented dancers we have here in WA. Each dancer brings their own unique aspect to the team and thus has led us to create a unique adaptation to the 2023 Set Solo with choreographer April Vardy.

My time at Santa Maria amongst the dance community really pushed me to work hard and find enjoyment in choreographing and performing. I have huge amounts of gratitude and thanks for Mrs Wynn in Year 12 and Mrs Murray in Year 11. These teachers pushed me to achieve my best. They continued to challenge me beyond my ability, allowing me to be open to different possibilities and unlock new creative inspirations and ideas. Their continuous support and guidance were key in making me a better dancer and choreographer. I am proud of my efforts and commitment throughout Year 12 that have led me to this position, and I encourage every Dance and Drama student to take risks and continue to work hard. You are all unique and bring so much to the arts and are all capable of achieving incredible things.

I was very excited upon receiving the letter inviting me to audition. I was honoured to be one of six amazing dancers invited to perform at the Performing Arts Perspectives. We will be performing on 18 March at Perth Concert Hall, and I am looking forward to showcasing our talent.

Congratulations Jess!

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