Mentoring Project

Mentoring Celebration

Last Thursday, all the mentees involved in the Mentoring Program were enjoyed a soiree with our mentors. The night was all about talking to our mentors and discussing the year. We met each other’s mentors and enjoyed talking to them. I really enjoyed discussing the year I have had and listening to other mentor’s stories. It was a wonderful night to reflect on the year and our experiences from the Program.

I have really enjoyed being a part of this program as it has provided me with another person to talk to and get advice from. Through talking to my mentor, I have discovered there are many career paths you can take and there are many ways to get into a certain career. I am very keen to keep my relationship with my mentor going into the future and keep talking to her regularly.

Sarah Scott

The SMC Mentoring Program has been an incredible journey for both myself and my mentee over the past few months. I believe that mentorship is hugely valuable at all ages in a person’s life, as gaining experience, hearing different opinions and just talking to someone with a different perspective can help shape the choices you make moving forward. I have loved watching my mentee make goals, identify what she wants to improve in the long term, and actively take steps towards achieving these goals. For me personally, it is amazing how helping someone in such a different stage of life puts new perspective into my own goals and what I value. The relationship between a mentor and mentee is a two-way give and take, and will continue to grow over time in the development of the girls’ schooling, educational and career life.

Lauren Malaxos

I consider myself very lucky as I was involved in the Mentoring Program this year. This is a program through the Enrichment Centre where a current student is paired up with an Old Girl with similar values. Although I was a little nervous meeting Lauren, she has made me feel so comfortable and she has helped me with many things. We meet a couple of times a month and she gives me advice on subjects, uni courses, life in general and my CV. She is a mixture of a teacher and a big sister. It has been something to look forward to and I want to thank Mrs Lee and Mrs Daniels for allowing me to do this.

Emily Cleaver

Emily Cleaver and Lauren Malaxos

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