Santa Maria Sisters Take over the Family Physiotherapy Business

Santa Maria College is more than just a school – it’s a family. Lisa Cargeeg and her daughters Alison Mason, and Lydia Cargeeg can attest to this. They all attended Santa Maria, but their shared love for giving back to the community has lasted their whole lives. In fact, Alison and Lydia followed in their mother’s footsteps to become healthcare professionals. But the story doesn’t end there. Recently, Alison and Lydia took over Lisa’s physiotherapy business, creating a legacy that spans multiple generations.

Lisa, Alison and Lydia have fond memories of their time at Santa Maria, particularly when it came to sports and the arts. Lisa (Allan, 1972) loved dancing, drama, swimming, tennis, and netball. Alison (2002) enjoyed music, art and sewing classes. And Lydia (2009), loved Outdoor Education and the Drama Department. All three have formed lifelong meaningful friendships during their time at the College. 

Lisa, a physiotherapist, inspired both Alison and Lydia to follow in her footsteps into paediatric health. As children, they remember visiting their mother’s workplace and marvelling at all the toys and equipment. As they grew older, they began to appreciate the valuable work she was doing to help children and families. Alison, also a physiotherapist, has worked alongside her mother for 12 years and shares her passion for early intervention and helping babies and children reach their full potential. Lydia, a clinical psychologist, also enjoys working holistically with children and their families and is passionate about promoting mental health.

Twelve years ago, Lisa opened her clinic, Step by Step Physiotherapy for Children, as the sole business owner. She has a small but loyal and experienced team of physios working alongside her. Her hard work, clinical expertise, and the genuine care she provides for her patients is inspiring. 

Recently, Alison and Lydia, together with their friend Chiara, a speech pathologist, took over Lisa’s clinic. The trio’s mission is to enrich families lives through connection, movement and play by providing high quality early intervention and support for young children and their families. 

Being Santa Maria graduates, Alison and Lydia know the importance of community and giving back. They will continue to carry the legacy their mum Lisa started which is serving the community and making a positive impact.

Lisa will continue to work in the clinic throughout 2024. The girls feel so grateful for the opportunity to work together and Alison and Lydia are thrilled to be continuing their mother’s legacy. 

This story highlights the strong ties that bind the Santa Maria community together. Lisa, Alison, and Lydia are proof that a Santa Maria education prepares students for life in a way that goes beyond just academics. They have taken lessons and values they learnt at Santa Maria and used them to build a successful business that gives back to the community.

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