The Mentoring Project

In 2017, Santa Maria College and the Old Girls’ Association launched the Mentoring Project. This has been a successful collaboration between past and current students. In 2019, we would like to extend this program to reach more students, specifically boarders and invite you to volunteer as a mentor. We are very eager for past boarding students to mentor current boarders but it is not essential.

What is the role of a mentor?
As a mentor, your role is to support and encourage your mentee to manage their own learning, so they can maximise their potential, develop skills, improve their performance and become the person they want to be. It is a partnership between two people, based on mutual trust and respect. Your role as a mentor is to guide and be an alternative, responsible role model whom they can talk to.

What time do I need to invest?
We meet as a group twice in Term 1 and once in Terms 2, 3 and 4.  These are usually in the early evening.

Both parties complete an agreement form on how many times they wish to meet. This may be face to face, skype, email, text.

In order for the relationship to develop, we ask that you meet twice per term, as a minimum requirement.

How am I matched to my mentee?
We ask that you complete the attached form.  Mentees complete a similar form.  We aim to match students with similar interests, career trajectory, skill requirements.  We are aware that matches may not always succeed but endeavour to provide support to facilitate success.

How long am I expected to mentor?
We ask you to commit to one year as a mentor.

If I have mentored before, am I permitted to do it again?
If you are no longer mentoring a student from the College, you are welcome to apply for a new student.

What do I do with my mentee?
At our first meeting, you will meet the mentee and her parents. It is a ‘get to know you’ session.  You will be provided with a booklet of strategies and activities to try. It is an opportunity to meet other mentors from this year and discuss successful outcomes.

How do I know if my application has been successful?
We have approximately 45 students to match and we will email you early in December.  The girls have a variety of interests and career aspirations, so it is important not to be discouraged if you are not successful.  It just depends on the mentee and their needs.

Please note, that all mentors will be required to complete a Working With Children’s Check and a Police Clearance Form. The College will provide the paperwork for you to complete, if you do not already have clearance.

Click here: and complete the mentor form.
Please note that all applications are due: Thursday 8 November, 2018


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