Welcome Back to Santa Maria: 2023 Reunions

After last year’s reunion was postponed due to Covid restrictions, this past weekend, we had the pleasure of hosting the following year groups for their class reunions:

Class of 2018 – 5 Year reunion
Class of 2017 – 5 Year reunion
Class of 2013 – 10 Year reunion
Class of 2012 – 10 Year reunion
Class of 2003 – 20 Year reunion
Class of 2002 – 20 Year reunion
Class of 1993 – 30 Year reunion
Class of 1992 – 30 Year reunion
Class of 1983 – 40 Year reunion
Class of 1982 – 40 Year reunion
Class of 1973 – 50 Year reunion
Class of 1972 – 50 Year reunion

It was a joyous occasion, with over 360 people in attendance, all eager to catch up with old friends and reminisce about their shared experiences at school. It was a beautiful afternoon held on the Terrace overlooking the Swan River, which provided the perfect backdrop for the festivities.

The event began with a tour of the College. For many, it was their first time back since graduation. As they walked through the corridors of the old and new buildings, memories of teenage years spent navigating the same corridors came flooding back. Many were fascinated to see how much had changed since they left.

After the tour, the guests gathered for drinks and canapes. The atmosphere was filled with laughter and excitement as people reconnected with classmates from near and far. There were squeals of delight as old friends found each other and hugs as classmates greeted those they had lost touch with over the years.

As the sun began to set, the reunion came to a close, leaving everyone with a renewed sense of connection to the past and a deep appreciation for the friendships forged during their time at the College.

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