Words of Advice from the Class of 2022

Our Year 12s had the opportunity this week to engage in a panel-like discussion with some graduates from the Class of 2022. The recent graduates shared tips on what worked for them and what didn’t in their final year at the College.

Students heard about various endeavours that the panellists are about to undertake this year and had the chance to ask questions relating to Year 12.

We asked some of the Year 12s what they took away from the panel discussion. Here is what they had to say:

The Class of 2022 panel was very helpful in providing advice, tips and study skills for Year 12. Every former student had different advice, and it was great to hear so many different perspectives and learn that everyone’s experience is unique. Their comments on how to maintain a work-life balance, and how difficult it can be, resonated with me especially. They said to keep study, social life and sport separate and commit fully to each, including break times, which is something I will try to implement this year. Kate Creasy

The panel discussion in PCT with last year’s graduates was helpful and insightful, learning what the year ahead has in store for us! I loved how all the girls told us to make sure that we keep our hobbies and social lives active during this busy last year, as well as make sure we take time out for ourselves. They also reminded us not to take any bit of the year for granted as, being our final year, it’s the last of everything at Santa Maria, so to take every opportunity. Moving forward, I will use some of their study tips, like using different resources as methods of studying, and will take every opportunity this year! Natalia Neates

A big thank you to the girls from the Class of 2022 for coming back to the College and sharing their advice.

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