2024 Student Leadership Council Announced

Join us as we celebrate the announcement of the House and Portfolio Captain positions this week. These girls will join the Student Leadership Executive announced last week to form our Student Leadership Council for 2024. Congratulations, girls!

Student Leadership Executive

Head Girl
Deputy Head Girl
Head Boarder
Deputy Head Boarder

Isabella Morrison
Elizabeth Wignell
Annie Fulwood
Maya Nicholls

Boarding Councillors

Lauren Paganoni
Rose Simkin
Orla Fowler

Portfolio Captains

Academic Captain
Eco Justice Captain

Ministry Captain
Media Captain
Music Captain
Performing Arts Captain
Service Captain
Sports Captain
Visual Arts Captain
Wellbeing Captain

Sanjana David Selvendra
Arlena Garces
Grace Westerhout
Alyssa Combes
Madison Pino
Rainy Guimbeau
Stella McNally
Ava Forrest
Olivia Miller
Ashleigh Stockil


House Captains

Byrne House

Macie Brennan
Allegra Tsagaris

Corbett House

Olivia Fuller
Tayla Rijavec

de la Hoyde House

Isabel Martinez
Abigale Smith

Dillon House

Montana Knight
Lana Fitzgerald

Frayne House

Emily Molony
Kahla Olsen

Kelly House

Kallysta Lim
Jasmine Leighton

O’Donnell House

Ella Sharman
Shayla Keane

O’Reilly House

Tiani Teakle
Ava Law

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As I look back on the past nine weeks, I am so grateful for who we are as a community and what we have achieved. Through the dedication of our staff and the enthusiasm of our students, we have established new connections, immersed ourselves in opportunities and worked through challenges.

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