A Snorkelling Adventure for Year 9 Students

Rottnest Island, home to the much loved quokka, was the location for a recent excursion for our Year 9 Outdoor Education students. This exciting adventure provided students with the opportunity to dive into the underwater world, honing their snorkelling skills while gaining a deeper understanding of marine ecosystems and conservation efforts.

The excursion was attended by 108 enthusiastic Year 9 Outdoor Education students. These students were well-prepared and eager to explore the underwater wonders of Rottnest.

The primary goal of this exciting excursion was to introduce students to the underwater environment. It also aimed to give them a chance to showcase their snorkelling skills, increase awareness about marine ecosystems and conservation, and foster a sense of environmental stewardship. It was an excellent blend of education and recreation, allowing students to immerse themselves in the beauty and biodiversity of underwater ecosystems.

Students had been preparing for this adventure over Term 1 and Term 4. During this time, they diligently learned and practiced snorkelling techniques and other necessary skills, ensuring they were ready for their thrilling excursion.

The students not only had a memorable experience but also had an opportunity to showcase their knowledge and creativity through a group assessment. They were required to create a video that revolved around their snorkelling excursion. The video had to cover various aspects, including environmental factors, snorkelling techniques, equipment, safety practices, Aboriginal history, and the flora and fauna of Rottnest Island.

The students enjoyed snorkelling at several beautiful locations around Rottnest Island. These included Little Salmon Bay, Salmon Bay, Parker Point, Little Parakeet Bay, Parakeet Bay, and The Basin. Each site offered a unique opportunity to explore different facets of the island’s marine life.

The students embarked on their adventure, travelling to three of the snorkelling sites via bikes hired on the island. This allowed them to explore these sites in smaller groups, enhancing the experience and fostering camaraderie among the students.

This experience has left an impact on the students. Some have even suggested introducing a new concept at Santa Maria – “Adventure Fridays.” The idea behind this is to incorporate a mandatory day of outdoor learning every Friday, allowing all students to venture outside and engage with nature.

In conclusion, the Year 9 Outdoor Education excursion to Rottnest Island was a resounding success. It not only enriched the students’ knowledge and skills but also kindled their passion for the great outdoors.

The success of this excursion wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication of the Outdoor Education team, as well as the support of staff, parents, and volunteers who played a crucial role in making this day a memorable one. Their involvement and assistance in organising such opportunities for our students are greatly appreciated.

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