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A Special Time for Year 11 Fathers and Daughters

The Fremantle Esplanade and Bathers Beach House once again proved to be a fabulous choice for our Year 11 Father – Daughter event on Monday. Nestled in the heart of Fremantle’s alluring charm, the event was blessed with perfect weather, creating a memorable experience for all those who attended.

Adventure Activities

The fun began with teams of eight fathers and daughters engaging in a series of enjoyable activities and challenges along the Esplanade and beachfront. With smartphones in hand, each team documented their journey, while the team from Adventure Quest closely monitored the scores. This setup not only fostered laughter and teamwork but also allowed dads to connect with their daughters’ friends and other fathers, broadening their social circles.

The challenges sparked joy and a healthy competitive spirit among the teams. There was an air of enthusiasm and high spirits as everyone participated wholeheartedly in the activities.

And the fun continues

After the excitement at the Esplanade, the 212 guests made their way to Bathers Beach House for some well-deserved refreshments. The anticipation grew as the teams waited for the announcement of the winners. The reveal of the three victorious teams, claiming their prizes and medals, brought an added enjoyment to the evening.

As the night unfolded, guests hit the dance floor, dancing to tunes spun by DJ Diesel, set against the backdrop of a stunning sunset.


Lisa Taylor, Dean of Year 11 said, “The atmosphere for the whole event was fun and relaxed. It was wonderful to see the authentic conversations going on between our students and their dads. Everyone had a smile on their face. A highlight for me was when all the dads were dragged up onto the dancefloor by their daughters to do the Nutbush! Another highlight for me was being led in song by Year 11 student Sienna and her backup singers. I still can’t get the tune to Frozen’s ‘Let it Go’, out of my head.”

Nina Tavani and her dad Nathan enjoyed the opportunity to connect with other daughters and fathers while enjoying the fun activities and entertainment. “We especially loved bonding with our teammates while completing challenges during the adventure quest. To top off the night we enjoyed the beautiful view and fun atmosphere when we hit the dance floor.”

Giovanni Conte, dad of Annika, said, “It was a beautiful autumn afternoon, and it was lovely to see all the fathers and daughters contributing. It was great to see my daughter and so many of the other girls in their element, dancing, singing and having fun, and most of the dads dancing along with the staff, too. Delicious food and a fun evening out!”

Brad Parker, father of Alivia, said, “A fantastic father-daughter get-together at a great location at Bather’s Beach House, thoroughly enjoyed by everyone that attended.”

Jorja Squiers shared her experience, “My favourite part of the daughter-dad event in Fremantle was witnessing the bond between fathers and their daughters. Seeing them team up, tackle challenges in the quiz/amazing race, and then relax over drinks and a bite to eat while getting to know one another. But the absolute highlight was when I pulled my dad to the dance floor, breaking barriers and creating priceless memories as we had fun dancing together under the DJ’s tunes, then seeing everyone else’s fathers join and seeing the joy in everyone’s faces as they created a memory they would never forget.”

Jorja’s dad, Sascha, also commented, “I enjoyed getting to know lots of my daughter’s friend’s fathers by either catching up with old mates or getting introduced to them over a refreshing drink after, with lots of dancing videos and challenges from the amazing race. A big highlight of the night was dancing with my daughter to some songs by DJ Diesel from my generation.”

The Importance of Dads and Daughters

Reflecting on this event reminds us of the importance of dads and daughters spending quality time together. These moments are more than just fun and games; they are building blocks of trust, understanding, and deeper connections. The laughter shared, challenges overcome, and memories created during the event serve as a powerful reminder of the unique bond between fathers and daughters. Engaging in activities that promote teamwork and mutual support fosters a sense of security and confidence in young girls, showing them the strength of their capabilities. For dads, these experiences offer invaluable insights into their daughters’ evolving interests, strengths, and personalities. Events like the one at Fremantle enable both fathers and daughters to step out of their daily routines and spend meaningful time together, reinforcing their relationship in a joyous and supportive environment.

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