Australian Dance Theatre Workshop for Dance Students

Australian Dance Theatre (ADT), the nation’s oldest contemporary dance company, recently held a residency at All Saints College. For several days, they opened doors to staff inset sessions and student workshops, leaving a strong mark on educators and aspiring dancers alike.

Established in 1965, ADT has been a trailblazer in the realm of contemporary dance, consistently pushing boundaries and redefining the art form. Led by Wiradjuri man Daniel Riley, who assumed the role of Artistic Director in 2022, the company continues to champion Australia’s diverse voices, landscapes, and histories.

The professional inset sessions offered educators a glimpse into ADT’s vision and dedication to presenting works that mirror the rich tapestry of Australia’s cultural fabric. Delving into themes of inclusivity and representation, participants gained valuable insights that promise to enrich their teaching practices.

Santa Maria College Dance students enjoyed the opportunity to interact with esteemed dancers Zoe, Karra, and Zach. They gained wisdom and inspiration, immersing themselves in the world of contemporary dance. It was a chance to witness firsthand the techniques and methodologies they had studied in class, bridging theory with practice in a deeply immersive experience.

Year 12 student Chanelle Jackson expressed her gratitude for the invaluable experience, remarking on the captivating nature of every movement demonstrated by the professional dancers. For Jessica Bolden, another Year 12 student, the workshop offered a treasure trove of knowledge, from contemporary classes to improvisation exercises, leaving an indelible mark on her approach to composition.

Dance Teacher Jessica Wynn, found the professional inset sessions to be enlightening, particularly appreciating the company’s focus on indigenous issues and narratives. Armed with new strategies and perspectives, she left the workshop inspired to instil a deeper sense of cultural awareness in her teaching.


As students and educators carry forward the lessons learned, they embody the spirit of creativity and innovation that defines Australian Dance Theatre, ensuring that its legacy endures for generations to come.

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