Breaking Barriers in STEM: Empowering Future Engineers!

In the ever-evolving landscape of engineering and STEM careers, the gender gap has persisted for far too long. However, change is on the horizon!

Last week, our school had the privilege of hosting a visit from the University of Western Australia’s Girls in Engineering group, who are on a mission to revolutionise the field. Current UWA students and industry professionals volunteer their time to speak to girls in schools about engineering career options.

Here’s a glimpse of what our students learned during this enlightening session:

Discovering Personal Paths

Through self-assessment exercises, students explored their hobbies and interests, gaining valuable insights into potential engineering career choices tailored to their passions.

Nature’s Ingenious Inspiration

The session showcased the marvels of technologies inspired by nature, demonstrating how the natural world serves as a wellspring of creative engineering solutions.

Real-World Problem Solving

Students were introduced to how engineers harness biomimicry to address pressing real-world challenges, highlighting the profound impact of STEM on our lives.

Collaborative Innovation

Through group work, students engaged in a biomimicry experiment, culminating in the presentation of innovative solutions, an inspiring showcase of teamwork and creativity.

STEM for Social Change

The session emphasised the crucial link between STEM and its potential to drive positive social impact, encouraging students to envision a future where their skills can make a difference.

Student Perspectives

Below are what some of our students thought about the session:

Tahlia Allen: “The UWA Biomimicry incursion was a great learning experience that opened up my mind to possible job opportunities I hadn’t considered before. We played a fun game with cards, where it asked us questions, and if we were interested in it, it would tell us which engineering type would be the best for us. Overall, it was a very engaging incursion, which I thoroughly enjoyed.”

Alicia Sharpe: “During the workshop, we did an experiment that involved adding a small amount of water to two different pieces of paper and observing what happened. My group was fascinated by the way one type of paper just absorbed the water and the other just let the water bounce off it. We were asked to compare the experience of the water bouncing off to a real-life experience. My group came up with the idea of nature and the surrounding leaves and how when they get wet, water droplets travel off the leaf and don’t absorb them. The whole workshop experience was amazing, and we learned a lot from them.”

Lianne Kim: “I enjoyed the incursion so much because it gave me an insight into biomimicry and how we can replicate the patterns of animals to bring convenience into our lives. I enjoyed engaging with the many job opportunities available for women in engineering and how we can shape the world for tomorrow through creating technology that serves a purpose in our everyday life.”

Quinn Stingemore: “I think that it was really good. They interacted with us quite a lot. There were even a few challenges and tasks we had to do. My favourite part was when we did a miniature experiment and dropped water on a special piece of paper and on a piece of paper towel to see the different reactions. I thought that overall, the presentation was really cool.”


It’s evident that this session left a mark on our students, igniting their passion for STEM and opening doors to a world of possibilities. Together, we’re paving the way for a more inclusive and innovative future in engineering and STEM fields.

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