Celebrating Our Languages

Languages Cultural Day at Santa Maria celebrates all things language and culture. It particularly celebrates the importance of having other languages spoken throughout Australia.

Today, the Mercy Walk was decorated in green, white, red and blue. These colours represent the Italian and French flags, to acknowledge the two languages offered at Santa Maria. Year 12 Languages students and staff dressed up and many students greeted their friends and teachers in a foreign language.

There were a variety of activities, including creating face portraits of Marie-Antoinette, David and a Cherub with dry pasta, building marshmallow and spaghetti towers, a spaghetti and chopsticks race, saying Italian and French tongue twisters, re-creating a famous picture, a pizza delivery car as a photo booth for students to have their photo taken, along with international treats on sale in the College Café.

Our competitions: ‘Holiday Snapshot’ and ‘Send Us A Photo’ of you and your favourite dish close on Monday. Looking forward to seeing some last-minute entries. Winners will be announced shortly.

Languages Cultural Day was filled with fun opportunities to embrace the diversity and uniqueness of our cultures. We had fun and hope the girls did too! Grazie! Merci!

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