China, Coronavirus and Trump

Economics Presentation

Year 12 Economics Students learn about the state of the global economy

A number of our Year 12 Economics students attended a presentation by billionaire Hamish Douglass on the current state of the global economy this week.

Here is what some of them had to say.

Attending the presentation was highly beneficial as an Economics student.

Whilst the talk covered a vast range of topics relating to the global market and investment insights, exposure to real-world economics was valuable in understanding how economies operate globally.

It was eye-opening to me to recognise how events in one country can have serious economic repercussions globally and in particular, the effects of China and the United States as some of the largest economies in the world. In addition to this, I found the interview with Michael Morell, who is the former Acting Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, particularly interesting as he and Hamish Douglass made links to the effects of coronavirus and the political movements of Donald Trump.

This presentation was very valuable and has helped me to develop my appreciation for economics as more than just a subject.  Ruby Staines

The Magellan presentation was insightful and engaging, it illustrated the link between current world events and their effects on the global economy.

The evening touched on the potential growth of China’s economy, negative interest rates, and the Trade War.

Douglas discussed the significance of predicting and understanding economic trends to make smarter investment choices. Lauren Hart

The Magellan presentation was a very eye-opening event that illustrated what we had learnt in class and put it into real-life examples that we were able to understand.

One thing that I took away from the conference was that in order to maximise trade benefits Australia must maintain a healthy relationship with both China and America, which is a topic we are currently studying in class.

Economics is one of my favourite subjects as it’s relevant to everyday life.

We are taught about interest rates, market shares and many other topics which will impact us throughout our entire life making it a very exciting and engaging class.  Claudia Rich

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