Exploring the World of Construction: Our Students’ Try-A-Trade

Learning by doing – that’s the essence of Try-A-Trade, an eye-opening opportunity that Years 9 and 10 students recently had the privilege of experiencing. Designed to provide them with basic hand and technical skills and a peek into the dynamic construction industry, this program took thirteen of our eager learners on a three-day journey they won’t soon forget.

Our students immersed themselves in the captivating world of construction at the Construction Futures Centre. Their mission? To collaboratively construct a courtyard, pergola, and timber deck, starting from scratch. It wasn’t just about putting bricks and wood together; it was about constructing a foundation for future success.

The heart of Try-A-Trade lies in acquiring valuable skills. Over the course of their three-day experience, our students learned how to lay bricks straight and level, a fundamental skill in the world of construction. They also dabbled in carpentry, mastering the use of drills and the art of cutting wood.

This immersive experience offered our students a taste of the diverse trades within the construction industry. In particular, bricklaying and carpentry. The knowledge and expertise gained during Try-A-Trade not only opened their eyes to these trades but also sparked career possibilities they had never considered before.

Year 10 student Natasha shared her thoughts on the experience, saying, “I learned a lot about bricklaying and carpentry and realised that I might consider a career in carpentry. It was great to spend three days with a small group, and I feel we all worked well together to complete the project.” Natasha’s journey demonstrates how Try-A-Trade can inspire career aspirations.

Lola, also in Year 10, had an equally enlightening experience. She stated, “This experience has shaped me to believe that working in a predominately male environment is doable. I really enjoyed engaging in a career that is physically challenging and rewarding.” Lola’s revelation highlights the importance of breaking down gender barriers in traditionally male-dominated fields.

Year 9 student MacKenzie, too, found immense value in the program, noting, “I really enjoyed learning new skills, and it has opened my eyes to other trades that I am excited about exploring further.” MacKenzie’s newfound curiosity exemplifies how Try-A-Trade can broaden horizons and ignite a passion for learning.

Try-A-Trade is not just about building structures; it’s about building futures. Our students, equipped with essential construction skills, have gained insights into diverse trades and unlocked doors to potential careers. Natasha, Lola, and MacKenzie’s experiences are just a glimpse of the countless possibilities awaiting those who dare to explore the world of construction. We are immensely proud of our students’ achievements and look forward to supporting them as they continue their educational journeys and consider their career paths.

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