Faith Blog: Building Connections Through Education

As the Director of Mission, I am continuously inspired by the dedication and compassion of our Student Ministry Team. This term, I am particularly excited to share an incredible initiative the Service Arm of the Ministry Team has undertaken to support students at the RAWA Indigenous school in Punmu. Through their commitment to service, our students are not only enriching the lives of others but also fostering meaningful relationships and building connections of understanding and empathy.

At the heart of our mission is the call to serve others. Thus, the students have chosen to focus their efforts on creating reading and comprehension activities to support the Punmu students in the classroom.  They have put together a range of literacy resources ensuring each pack includes a variety of engaging activities for students of varying abilities. By creating tailored resources, they hope to not only enhance literacy skills but also inspire a love of learning.

What makes this initiative truly special is the personal connection those who are making the trip later in the term will build. Students who are not making the trip have written personal letters of encouragement to those receiving the resources. In this way, the Ministry team are not only providing educational support, but additionally fostering relationships based on mutual respect and solidarity.

Later this term, when 12 of our students visit the remote community, they will step into the classroom as mentors, allies, and friends, ready to assist and encourage the students with new and engaging educational resources.

Year 12 Ministry Captain Grace is one of the students heading to Punmu later this year and was also involved in putting together the resources. She said, “I am excited to learn about the culture of the Punmu community we will be immersed in and to play with the kids. I very much look forward to sharing the resources with the kids and using the books and activities the Ministry Team have worked hard to organise.”

We trust that the experience will be humbling and transformative for all involved and wish those travelling to Punmu a successful immersion encounter.

Jillian Landers, Director of Mission

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