Santa Maria College is a Catholic girls school whose inspiration are Jesus Christ, Gospel values and the life and faith of Catherine McAuley.

At Santa Maria College, all that we do is underpinned by a deep commitment to our Catholic faith.

We believe that each individual, every lived experience and a broad range of perspectives should be respected and cherished. This spirit of inclusion and our commitment to understanding drives the Santa Maria approach to educating and nurturing the women of the future.

The vision of Sister Catherine McAuley led to the founding of the College in 1938. Since then, the traditions of her order, the Sisters of Mercy, have enabled Santa Maria girls to thrive at school and beyond.

Hospitality, Compassion, Justice, Service and Excellence are our guiding principles at Santa Maria College. We believe that our values reflect not only the principles of our faith, but the values wider society holds dear.

A practical partner to Religious Education, the Service Program teaches girls the value – to themselves and to others – of making a positive difference in the lives of others.

Throughout their school journey, students are required to serve their families, their school and the broader community. Girls are asked to chronicle their service with a view to creating insights into the spiritual and psychological dimensions of making a positive difference in the lives of others.

A range of volunteering activities and groups enable our girls to become, as a reflection of their faith, well-rounded, caring and productive members of the community. Wherever an individual’s path might lead, the values instilled by engagement with this program never lose their relevance.


A sense of self-respect and an instinct for empathy are crucial to the development of resilient, capable, generous, productive people.

Woven into the student experience at Santa Maria is a well-resourced approach to pastoral care, the Mercy Wellbeing Program. The Mercy Wellbeing Program is integrated with our academic work, with our Service Program and with our faith.

We understand that people who value themselves understand the value of others. We support our girls throughout their school years to ensure they enter the wider world with self-confidence balanced by a sense of respect and concern for others.



If the love of God really reigns in your heart, it will quickly show itself in the exterior

– Catherine McAuley




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