The Future Looks Bright for our Year 10s

Future10 is the Year 10 component of the Enhanced Learning Program. Over the last three days, our Year 10 students have participated in the program.

Year 10 students Chloe Williams and Alicia Tory have written the following reflection:

Future10 has enabled us to gain an understanding of future skills and knowledge needed to make decisions about financial and sustainable practices.

At the beginning of each day, we had a guest speaker who enlightened us about their personal journey. Through their stories, we learned about financial literacy and how to make changes, which can make a big difference.

One of the guest speakers, past student Lucy Stronach (2013), spoke to us about the importance of being passionate about what you do, taking, and looking for opportunities around us. She also spoke about not being afraid to make a change, that it is important to solve the problem but also to help those affected by the problem.

After the guest speakers, we headed to different workshops that focused on many different areas, including budgeting, managing earnings from a part-time job, and women in finance. Past student Gemma Sharp (2016) spoke to us about buying our first car. 

In the afternoon we had the joy of participating in African drumming, yoga, meditation and a personal story shared by Mrs Landers.  Each activity allowed us to take a brain-break from the workshops. 

During one of the three days, we put on our gardening gloves and walked to a number of approved sites in the City of Melville to lend a hand in environmental care.

Brian Walker, Environmental Community Liaison Officer said, “Well, what a difference to the reserve.  What a fantastic job the Santa Maria students have achieved. Thank you very much for the work that has been done, it is very much appreciated by the Environmental Team.”

We thoroughly enjoyed the program and are thankful for all the skills and lessons it has taught us. 

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