Harmony Day: Celebrating Cultural Diversity

In a world where globalisation continues to blur borders and cultures, celebrating diversity is not just an option; it is a necessity. Today, we celebrated Harmony Day in support of cultural diversity at our College. Led by Year 12 leaders of the Awareness Arm of our Ministry team, several activities were arranged to recognise the significance of the day.

Students were handed orange ribbons and Harmony Day stickers as they arrived at school. Staff were also encouraged to wear something orange, the official colour for Harmony Day. The colour orange signifies social communication and meaningful conversations. It also relates to freedom of ideas and mutual respect.

Students commenced the day with prayer in gratitude for the gift of cultural diversity and for the grace to tear down walls of division, instead, asked to build bridges of understanding and harmony. They also watched a video explaining the meaning and significance of the day.  At recess students gathered in the Mercy Walk to watch a parade of cultural costumes, representative of the diverse cultures at our school. 

One of the most wonderful aspects of celebrating cultural diversity is the opportunity it provides for cross-cultural exchange. Students shared their culture with others through costumes which then opened up conversations with others and expanded their understanding of the world.

Education plays a crucial role in promoting understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity and when we learn about different cultures from a young age, we instil in our students a sense of curiosity and respect for the world around them.

Cultural diversity is about building inclusive communities where everyone feels valued and respected. It is also about recognising the inherent dignity and worth of every individual, regardless of their cultural background. This links well with our College Mercy value for 2024, ‘Hospitality’. This year, we are committed to respecting the dignity of all by creating a welcoming community where everyone belongs.

Happy Harmony Day!

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