Highlights from the Technology & Commerce Day Photography Competition

Through the lens of a camera, we can capture emotions and stories that unfold in front of us. Photographs preserve not only the images but also the sentiments, atmosphere, and essence of a particular moment in time. With their power to freeze time, photographs become a medium through which we can share our unique vision and evoke emotions in others. Whether it’s capturing the awe-inspiring beauty of nature, the raw emotions of a candid moment, or the intricate details of everyday life, photography allows us to express ourselves and connect with others. This was abundantly evident in the submissions for this year’s Photography Competition, held as part of Technology & Commerce Day.

This year’s competition welcomed participation from students ranging from Years 7 to 12. It provided an opportunity for the girls to showcase their photography skills. Consequently, we witnessed an astounding 95 entries this year!

The competition featured three categories, each with its own creative focus:

  1. Portrait: This category required participants to capture a living subject, emphasising facial expressions by drawing close to the subject.
  2. Landscape: Participants were tasked with capturing the built or natural environment that surrounds us, with a visible horizon serving as a backdrop.
  3. Black and White: In this category, students had the freedom to photograph any subject and apply a black and white filter. Students were encouraged to contemplate carefully which subjects would best suit the black and white aesthetic.

The winners and runners-up were selected by our Principal, Jennifer Oaten, who had this to say about the standard of entries, “The talent of these young photographers was inspiring. It was very challenging to determine the award winners as so many of the photographs demonstrated great thought, skill and knowledge of what contributes to a quality photograph. Well done to all students who contributed.”

The recipients of the category awards were presented with ‘Her’ gift cards.

Our congratulations go out to the following talented photographers:

Black and White Category

First Place: Felicity Toussaint (Year 8)
Runner-Up: Ebony Westlake (Year 7)

Landscape Category

First Place: Livia Yukich (Year 7)
Runner-Up: Harriet Noske (Year 10)

Portrait Category

First Place: Shanae Maher (Year 9)
Runner-Up: Abigail Marra (Year 11)

To view the full-size photographs, simply click on each of the following images.

These exceptional photographers have truly captured the essence of their respective categories and demonstrated their outstanding skills. We commend their creativity and dedication.

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