Illuminate: Years 7 – 11 Art Exhibition & Fashion Parade

Illuminate means to shine a light on something, to make it brighter and more visible. This is certainly achieved at ‘Illuminate’, the Years 7 – 11 Art Exhibition & Fashion Parade. The name captured the idea of bringing creative ideas to light.

This exhibition provides a platform for our students to display their artistic talents and bring their imaginative concepts into the spotlight. ‘Illuminate’ not only highlights the artistic accomplishments of our students but also aims to inspire both their peers and the broader community.

Students from Years 7 to 11 in Design, Art, Fashion, and Food classes actively participated in this year’s event. The Art Exhibition showcased artworks from these years, while the fashion parade featured the creative contributions of students from Years 8 to 11. Notably, Year 10 Food students provided their delicious catering services for our guests during the event held on Thursday evening.

The exhibition boasts a diverse range of artistic expressions, including ceramics, painting, sculpture, illustration, textiles, and digital art. Some pieces draw inspiration from our 2023 Artist in Residence, Desiree Crossing, while others represent contemporary and functional art and design trends, such as our graffiti fences, FIMO jewellery and C J Hendry crushed cans. Our Year 9 Design classes explored ceramics and drew inspiration from the work of local porcelain artist Fleur Schell, creating pieces that reflect the beauty and technique of her artistry. Additionally, our Year 7 Make & Create classes found their creative spark through the captivating world of Japanese Art.

Wearable art in this exhibition drew its inspiration from contemporary fashion houses. Year 10 Art explored the opulent Renaissance glamour of Dolce & Gabbana, while Year 9 Art and Year 10 Design found their creative muse in the vibrant and bold graphic collections of Moschino, in the spirit of Pop Art. 

Year 11 Fashion, Art and Design students demonstrated their burgeoning talents and preparedness for their upcoming final year. They delved into diverse projects spanning various mediums, including fashion, ceramics, drawing, and oil painting, among others. Their exploration encompassed compelling themes, including consumerism and the depths of deep waters. Furthermore, they engaged in reflective work, aligning their creative expressions with the overarching theme of this exhibition, ‘Illuminate.’

Lesley Nation, Head of Art had this to say, “I am immensely proud and inspired by the exceptional work created for this exhibition. It is a testament to the dedication and talent of our students, as well as the unwavering commitment of our teaching and technician staff who have meticulously brought this event to life. What fills my heart with the most joy is witnessing the boundless creativity that flows through every piece, reminding us that art is a celebration of human imagination and expression.”

Congratulations to Lesley and the staff and students involved in Illuminate. Your creativity and artistic talent certainly shine bright!

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