Making A Splash: Years 5 & 6 Swimming Carnival

The College pool was a sea of colour as our Years 5 and 6 students took to the pool to showcase their swimming skills gained over the past seven weeks. The atmosphere around the pool was electric with the students’ contagious house spirit.

The Years 5 and 6 carnival emphasises participation, ensuring every student had the opportunity to dive in and give their all for their respective Houses.

L to R: Georgia Hopkins, Kathryn Choo, Arianna Steadman, Emileah Steadman

Congratulations are in order for our champion swimmers:

Champion Swimmers

Year 5: Georgia Hopkins (O’Reilly)
Year 6: Emileah Steadman (Kelly),

Runner Ups

Year 5: Kathryn Choo (de la Hoyde)
Year 6: Arianna Steadman (Kelly).

A special shoutout to de la Hoyde House for emerging victorious on the day.

Stay tuned for the overall swimming results, which will be combined with the senior school results and revealed very soon.

A big thank you to our dedicated swim coaches for their invaluable support during the season, as well as to the Years 5 and 6 teachers for their assistance on the day.

We extend our warmest wishes to the JIGSSA team as they prepare for their upcoming interschool swimming Carnival on 25 March. Good luck!

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