A Truly Heartwarming Affair: Year 12 Mother Daughter Breakfast

It may have been a chilly Sunday morning, but Fraser’s Restaurant in Kings Park was the perfect setting for the annual Year 12 Mother-Daughter breakfast. Despite the weather, the atmosphere was filled with warmth and anticipation as mothers and daughters gathered for one of their final social events at the College. This delightful occasion provided an opportunity for cherished moments and reflections.

Captivating Performance

Setting the stage for the morning’s festivities, three talented Year 12 musicians, Myra Lee, Kirsten Sumich, and Grace Kinsella, delivered a wonderful rendition of Coldplay’s song, ‘Us Against the World.’ Their performance captivated the audience, evoking a range of emotions and adding a touch of musical magic to the event.

"Having come from a large family and being in Year 12, it’s hard to find one on one time with Mum. The breakfast was so beautiful, the venue, food and the mothers dressed up and I'm so glad I had the chance to spend a moment with my mum and thank her for all her hard work." 

Inspiring Guest Speaker

One of the event’s highlights was the presence of Felicity Gooding, an accomplished alumna of the College from the Class of 1997, currently serving as the Chief Financial Officer at Fortescue Future Industries. Felicity graciously shared her life and career journey, emphasising the importance of seizing opportunities. In an insightful conversation with two Year 12 leaders, Sophia Marra and Kate Creasy, Felicity offered valuable advice to the graduating students as they embarked on their post-school lives.

Expressions of Gratitude

As the morning unfolded, Head Girl, Nishi Jayawickrema, took the stage to express her heartfelt appreciation to all the Year 12 mothers. With genuine gratitude, she acknowledged their unwavering support and the significant role they played in their daughters’ lives throughout their educational journey. The room filled with emotion as the audience resonated with Nishi’s words.

A Letter from the Heart

In a touching moment, mothers were invited to read a special letter prepared by their daughters. Each letter carried sentiments of love, gratitude, and cherished memories, creating an emotional connection between the mothers and daughters present. The room reverberated with love and nostalgia as the letters were read, forging an unbreakable bond between generations.

The annual Year 12 Mother-Daughter breakfast proved to be a memorable and heart-warming event. Amidst a cold and wet morning, the warmth and love shared between mothers and daughters were truly palpable. The musical performance, inspiring words from Felicity Gooding, and the tender exchange of heartfelt letters made this occasion a true celebration of the special bond between mothers and daughters. As the Year 12 students prepare to embark on their new chapter in life, they carry with them the love, support, and cherished memories created during this unforgettable breakfast.

"The Mother Daughter Breakfast was a beautiful morning. The morning saw the Year 12s, and their mothers take time out of their busy schedules and enjoy a wholesome morning of tea, coffee, breakfast and great company. I loved being able to spend time with Mum and meet the wonderful mothers of my peers! On behalf of my cohort, we extend our sincerest gratitude once again to the hard work and efforts of our Dean, Mrs Schubert, and Mrs D’Ortona for their organisation of a morning that will be cherished for many years to come!"

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