Mystery Box Challenge: Year 9 Foods

Our Year 9 Foods students were put to the test this week with a Mystery Box Challenge. 

The girls were given a box of ingredients from the Australian, Asian or Mediterranean cuisines and were given the challenge to create a dish from scratch without a provided recipe. 

The challenge had four main rules:

  1. The students were limited to only the ingredients that were found in their mystery box plus a few general pantry ingredients
  2. To minimise food waste, all of the ingredients from the mystery box had to be used 
  3. The students had 50 minutes to prepare and plate up their dish
  4. The dish must look as good as it tastes, with students needing to consider how they present their final dish with plating and garnishing choices

Some of the dishes the girls created under the time constraints included pizza, noodles, scones, pasta and rice. 

Fantastic work girls, your dishes smelled and looked amazing! 

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