Our Budding Entrepreneur Shine: Women in Business Mother’s Day Market

Our Women in Business (WIB) student group shone brightly this week as they hosted a remarkable Mother’s Day Market, aligning perfectly with our commitment to fostering social innovation outlined in our Strategic Plan.

Bursting with creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, the Mother’s Day Market was a great opportunity to showcase the talent and dedication of our WIB students.

Picture this: Over 30 stalls adorned with an array of gift ideas, each one showing the creativity of our talented students. From delicately scented candles to yummy biscuits, smoothie mixes (filled with protein powder, oats and dehydrated fruit – just add milk), handmade jewellery (imagine Pringle and Pepsi earings, bracelets, necklaces and rings), to indoor plants (amazing displays of cactus and ZZ plants), colourful keyrings and loads more, there was something to delight every visitor.

One group decided to generously donate $1.00 from the sale of each of their products to Zonta House, a beautiful gesture for Mother’s Day.

The atmosphere buzzed with excitement as students and staff wandered through the stalls, admiring the handmade products on display.

For many of our students, this marked their debut in the world of markets and entrepreneurship. And what a debut it was! With passion and determination, they showcased their products. Some even had the incredible achievement of selling out of all their stock—a true testament to their hard work and the quality of their offerings.

Year 12 student Ella Sharman has been involved with Women in Business since its inception. She now helps with the group and mentors the younger girls. Ella said the standard was very high. “The girls should all be so proud of themselves. The Plaza was buzzing! Every member did such an amazing job. The products were so well made and displayed on their tables, and each visitor to the Plaza was very impressed!”

As Mother’s Day draws near, many College mums will no doubt be receiving one-of-a-kind gifts lovingly crafted by our WIB students. Each purchase not only represents a thoughtful gesture but also supports the growth and development of our budding entrepreneurs.

From the initial spark of their business idea to the final sale, this event was a journey filled with learning, growth, and success. Through the Women in Business co-curricular group, our students learn practical skills that will take them beyond the classroom into the real world. We couldn’t be prouder of our young entrepreneurs and their remarkable achievements.

Congratulations to our Women in Business student group for orchestrating such a spectacular event. Stay tuned for the next WIB market date.

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