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Boarding Staff And Their Holiday Goals
Boarding staff have been busy since our boarders have gone home. They have been in contact with the boarders in their House and have spent much time ensuring each House is pristine, ready for when the boarders return.

Here are some of our holiday goals:

Tracy Webster: I will be spending the holidays going back to the piano, which I have not played properly for too many years to count. Look out neighbourhood, The Greatest Showman tunes will be coming your way!

Karen MacDonald: I have a wall of boxes out of storage that I am going to unpack and sort! Who knows what I will find, they have been in storage for a while! If I finish that chore, I have a great book that I am looking forward to reading.

Aimee Deane: I’m planning on working on lots of jigsaw puzzles, I’ve completed one so far in this first week of staying home. I also have gotten back into Just Dance on the Wii and am learning to knit (so far I’m pretty terrible at this but I’ve only just started).

Melissa Gillougley: I have a whole list of books that I’m going to work my way through as I don’t always get time to read. I’m also going to try and do some running to stay fit, but think the reading list might be completed more easily than this! 

Cathy Smith: I’ll be doing some crafting such as making key rings, patchwork bed covers and making scrubs and sewing for the vets at the zoo. Also getting into some Netflix series such as The Crown and Downton Abbey. 

Frances Preston: I’m going to be taking my grandchildren to the beach every day for our daily exercise and also put the tent up in the backyard. We are going to join the International Camping in the Back Yard Expedition and toast some marshmallows over a campfire. 

Vanessa Carmody: I’m aiming to restore some old furniture, spend time with my daughters planting herbs or flowers for outside their bedroom windows and use my hockey stick to play totem tennis – I want to get to 100 hits without missing!

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