Santa Maria Teams Shine in Term 1 Sports

Term 1 can be challenging, particularly for our Year 7’s. Students are getting back into school routines, figuring out timetables, classes, rooms, friends, and their co-curricular schedule. An eight and a half week term is even more challenging as trials and seven rounds of fixtures are squeezed into this short time.

Despite these challenges Santa Maria had a huge number of girls participate in the IGSSA AFL and Volleyball competitions. We are thrilled at the number of students we have playing these sports and appreciate that they choose to compete. We are particularly grateful to those who juggle club commitments as well as IGSSA.


Our AFL teams had strong seasons across all grades, particularly our Senior and Junior teams who finished second in their competitions. Thanks to our expert team of PE staff Parris Laurie, Jordan Snadden and Claudia Langley for working with these teams. The knowledge they have to offer is exceptional.


With almost 300 girls participating in volleyball this season, we are so proud of all who took to the court. The standard of competition, particularly in our higher grades, continues to improve every year.

Congratulations to the Years 7/8 B team, Junior D and Junior F teams for winning the pennant for their grades this season.

The IGSSA competition is constantly compared to the PSA for its differences, It’s disappointing that the comparisons are usually painted in a negative light. It is frustrating to assume that one model is better than the other, and I ask why.

We have a program that offers our girls a large range of sports. Over the year, students can participate in over 15 sports, with grades for all abilities. They can pursue a sport they are passionate about and excel in or try something new with friends. We know that the girls love variety, and many want to participate with friends.

What we offer at Santa Maria through our IGSSA Program allows for this. Girls can also balance school sport with community sport providing vital links to their wider community and fostering lifelong engagement in sport. Whilst no system is perfect, this is at the heart of what our girls desire in the sporting arena.

Emma Wood | Head of Sport

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