Santa Maria and Aquinas College Unite for Relay 4 Life

Last Friday night marked a heartwarming collaboration between Santa Maria College and our brother school, Aquinas College, as students from Years 8 and 9 joined hands to support the Cancer Council. Together, our schools raised an impressive $24,000, a testament to our shared commitment to making a difference.

A total of 347 students from Santa Maria took to the track, navigating the 250m circuit on the Aquinas College oval for over three hours. But it wasn’t just about walking; the evening was filled with spirited activities and competitions that added to the camaraderie and fun.

Among the highlights was an interhouse volleyball competition for our Year 8 students, culminating in a thrilling grand final showdown between Year 8 Dillon and Year 8 Corbett. In the end, Year 8 Dillon emerged victorious, clinching the competition title!

The Year 9 girls showcased their creativity and teamwork. Prior to the event, these girls had diligently choreographed a one-minute dance routine during their PCT sessions. On the night, they had the opportunity to pass on their moves to Year 9 homerooms from Aquinas, resulting in an impressive display of synchronised dancing by all eight groups.

The event took on a poignant note with a heartfelt speech delivered by a Year 12 student from Aquinas, who shared his personal journey with cancer. His touching account shed light on the profound impact of this disease on individuals and families, prompting deep reflection among the attendees.

As the night progressed, students participated in a solemn night walk, each holding a candle as the lights dimmed. Under the gentle glow of flickering flames, they continued to circle the track, united in solidarity and remembrance. It was a moment of quiet reverence, etching memories that will stay with them for years to come.

Reflecting on the event, students expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to come together for such a meaningful cause. Lianne Kim shared, “It was so much fun, and I enjoyed being able to socialise with everyone and have the opportunity to do it for a good cause.” Similarly, Kiara Bailey remarked, “The Year 12 speech was really moving as it made us really think about how cancer impacts us all. Cancer has possibly impacted every person present at the Relay 4 Life, so this part of the night made me reflect on those in my life who have faced this battle.”

Indeed, Relay 4 Life not only raised funds but also fostered connections, empathy, and hope within our school community. As we look back on this memorable evening, let us carry forward the spirit of unity and compassion in our ongoing efforts to support those affected by cancer.

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