Sculpted Spaces: Year 10 Students Fuse Ceramics and Architecture

Combining ceramics and architecture into a single project might seem unconventional, but our Year 10 students eagerly embraced the challenge in their latest project titled “Sculpted Spaces.” We caught up with Lesley Nation, Head of Visual Arts, to learn more about this innovative project.

What inspired the idea to combine ceramics and architecture in this art project?

The idea was inspired by the history and design fundamentals found in both fields. Architecture, with its focus on creating functional yet aesthetically pleasing structures, provides inspiration for students to explore the relationship between art and functionality. Ceramics offers a medium that allows students to translate architectural concepts into tangible, three-dimensional forms. 

Can you describe the overall concept behind the project?

The overall concept is to challenge students to think creatively about how architectural elements can be translated into ceramic forms. Drawing inspiration from ceramicist Bruce Rowe and Jane McKenzie, as well as international architects Tadao Ando and Louis Kahn, students have been asked to explore the intersection of form and functionality in design

How did the students research and gather ideas for their architectural elements?

Part of the design brief was to present a research investigation on both an architect and a ceramicist. Students where tasked with learning how these artists use form, texture, and structure to create visually striking artworks and spaces. 

How do the students feel about their creations and the overall outcome of the project?

The students have expressed excitement and enthusiasm for their creations, with many noting how the project has challenged them to think outside the box and push the boundaries of their creativity. The pieces will be allowed to dry slowly over the upcoming break and then will be fired to over 1000 degrees before the final decorative glazes and underglazes will be applied and work refired. 

How does this project align with the school's values and mission, particularly in fostering creativity and innovation among students?

This project fosters creativity and innovation among students by encouraging them to think critically about the world around them and explore new ways of expressing themselves through art. By combining elements of design and functionality, students can create works that not only showcase their artistic abilities but also push the boundaries of traditional art forms. The study of both ceramics and architecture requires dynamic problem-solving skills and the ability to think critically. This project has empowered the students with skills to tackle complex challenges in order to produce a successful final artwork.  The final works will be both visually stunning and conceptually rich.

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