Student Success At 2023 Atwell Youth Awards

L to R: Isabelle Longstaff, Ava Donovan, Katie Manuel (Absent: Amy Oaten & Freya Townsend)

We are thrilled to announce the remarkable achievements of five of our talented students at this year’s Atwell Youth Awards. These young artists have showcased their exceptional skills and creativity, achieving recognition in their respective categories. From captivating drawings to thought-provoking reflections on society and personal connections, their artworks have made a lasting impression. Let us delve into the unique journeys and inspirations behind each award-winning piece, celebrating the dedication and talent of Freya Townsend (Year 12), Amy Oaten (Year 12), Ava Donovan (Year 11), Katie Manuel (Year 8), and Izzy Longstaff (Year 8).

Freya Townsend with her artwork 'United in Grief'

Freya Townsend: Winner of the Drawing as An Art Form category.

United in Grief is inspired by the fading mind of my Grandpa during his last phases of Alzheimer’s. The two images I photographed were taken a week apart. This sense of ‘fading mind’ is highlighted using the overlay of the two images. The lack of clarity symbolises my assumption as to what my Grandpa’s experience would have been with the disease, offering this notion of perplexity through the semi-abstracted subject matter. I chose to use pencils as I thought it would be most achievable to create effective and precise textures in my work.

Amy Oaten and her artwork 'Are We Listening'

Amy Oaten: Winner of the Reflective Art Award 

My portrait is of my uncle, who is a farmer and incredibly important to his family and town. My work aims to create feelings of sadness and sympathy as he looks removed from the conversation and ignored, a comment on the mental health of rural workers. I used acrylic underpainting and oil paints, using high contrast, complementary yellows and purples. I established my uncle and his sombre expression as the focal point. I painted a dinner scene as my fondest memories with him are sharing family meals. It represents how those closest to people can be unaware of their struggles.

Ava Donovan with her artwork 'Counting the Cost'

Ava Donovan: Winner of the Sustainable Living – Art in Harmony category

My work is to portray supermarkets as a reflection of the consequences of consumerism, particularly concerning the endangerment of animals. Each item represents the selfishness and irresponsibility in modern society’s relentless quest for low prices and excessive consumption. By depicting one missing product from the shelf, I highlight the tragic reality of extinction caused by our actions. Demand for cheaper coffee causes Mountain Gorillas to lose their habitat for plantations; herbal medicine from Rhino horns has one species now almost extinct; people discarding pet cats that then become feral has destroyed wildlife; and demand for housing has land cleared and biodiversity lost. Behind the convenience and affordability lies a hidden cost.  

Katie Manuel with her artwork titled 'Fur Baby'

Katie Manuel: Winner of Year 8 category

In Draw & Paint this term and last, I created a painting of my dog Daisy. For my painting, I used complementary colours along with numerous textures and different materials to distinguish between the animal and the background. Artist in Residence, Desiree Crossing, showed us how to draw fur and work with the colours. She helped inspire my creativity. In my artwork, you can see the warm and cool colours. I also used a lot of different lines to represent the shape of the fur and texture. I wanted to draw this painting of my dog because I love Daisy and wanted to capture her unique personality.

Izzy Longstaff's art piece

Izzy Longstaff: Highly Commended Reflective Art Award

My painting of a Fur Baby is of my dog, Lilly. I used a variety of techniques in my painting, like texture, to make it seem like the dog had hair and make it realistic, as we practised in class. I used shading to create depth and make it stand out on the page and repetitive lines to look like fur. In class, we used acrylics on canvas, and it was a fun and productive task. I’m very privileged and proud to have been featured in the Atwell Art Awards.

We extend our congratulations to Freya, Amy, Ava, Katie, and Izzy for their outstanding achievements. These remarkable young artists have not only demonstrated their technical skills but also their ability to convey powerful messages through their art. Their passion, creativity, and dedication serve as an inspiration to all aspiring artists and remind us of the immense talent that lies within our student community. We applaud their accomplishments and look forward to witnessing their continued growth and success in the world of art.

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