Student Surveys: Empowering Students to Shape Their Education

Santa Maria College recognises the transformative power of student feedback. Classroom teachers at all career stages use student surveys to gather insights from their students. Student surveys are also used to give feedback to staff in leadership positions. The aim of student surveys is to foster an environment where student voices are celebrated, respected, and used to inform future directions.

Student surveys are an important tool by which students provide feedback to their classroom and homeroom teachers, Deans of Students, and House Coordinators. The subject surveys cover a wide range of topics, including subject knowledge and practice, relationships, and assessment and feedback, while the other surveys focus on pastoral care. Students are encouraged to give honest responses based on their experience. They use a rating scale to provide feedback as well as open comments about their teacher’s strengths and things that their teacher could do differently to improve their learning.

This term, many of our students have embraced the opportunity to provide feedback through student surveys, recognising the positive impact it could have on shaping their educational experience. Survey data is used by teachers as a point of reflection. In debriefing the results with their Head of Learning Area, teacher strengths are celebrated, areas for growth are discussed, and goals are set. Student surveys inspire teachers to make innovative changes to their teaching methodologies, creating engaging and inclusive classrooms that cater for the diverse needs of their students.

Thus, student surveys can have a positive impact on educational communities, such as Santa Maria, which strive for excellence in teaching and learning. Our students’ feedback is valued and signals the collaborative effort necessary to create a positive and transformative educational environment.

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