Students Selected to Display Art at Three Major Exhibitions

We are thrilled to announce that a flood of talented students from our school has achieved remarkable success in various art exhibitions, some of which are set to open during the upcoming break. This article aims to provide you with a preview of the exceptional accomplishments of our students, giving you a glimpse of their creative endeavours and inviting you to join us in celebrating their achievements.

St George's Art Exhibition

St George’s Art Exhibition, the prestigious annual event hosted by St. George’s Cathedral, will be open to the public from Saturday 15 July to Sunday 23 July. We are delighted to share that three of our Year 12 students, Jessica Mitten, Freya Townsend, and Isabella Paganoni, have been selected to showcase their remarkable artwork in this highly anticipated exhibition. The St. George’s Cathedral Art Gala Awards Evening is on Thursday 20 July, at 6.30 pm, where the students’ exceptional talents will be celebrated.

META 2023 Exhibition

This is the first year our school has participated in the META 2023 Exhibition at Central TAFE. This annual showcase of art and design by Years 11 and 12 students is particularly noteworthy. Running from 14 July to 4 August, this exhibition provides a platform for our budding artists to exhibit their creative talents. We are proud to announce that Leilani Harris (Year 12), Jordana Neale (Year 12), Ava Donovan (Year 11), Olivia Miller (Year 11), and Isabel Martinez (Year 11) have been selected to display their outstanding artwork in this prestigious event. To commemorate their achievements, an Exhibition Opening Evening will take place on Tuesday 18 July at 5.00 pm, offering a unique opportunity to appreciate the talent and dedication of our students.

Shaun Tan Award for Young Artists

In addition, we are excited to highlight the participation of our students in the Shaun Tan Award for Young Artists. Held at the Subiaco Library, this exhibition will run from Monday 10 July to Sunday 6 August, showcasing the top 50 artworks. Although our students, Maeve Lehane (Year 12) and Olivia Miller (Year 11), were not selected as finalists this year, it is commendable that they have secured positions within the Top 10 in their respective categories, considering the high volume of entries received. We applaud their dedication and creativity, which has brought them this remarkable achievement.

We encourage you to support our talented students by attending these esteemed exhibitions. Their achievements serve as a testament to their artistic abilities and the commitment they have shown in pursuing their passion for the arts. Let us join together in celebrating their accomplishments and recognising the vibrant artistic community we have within our school.

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