Year 7

Year 7 Camp 2019

The Year 7 camp was a wonderful opportunity for our girls to get out into nature and push their boundaries with a number of activities and exercises.

Year 7 Activity Afternoon With Aquinas College

The interaction between students from Aquinas and Santa Maria Colleges is important in the social development of our students. The Year 7 Activity Afternoon held last Friday, is one of the first opportunities for our girls to interact with the boys from Aquinas.

Year 7s Head to the Zoo

Year 7 Science classes have been learning about the habitats of different animals from various parts of the world. Perth Zoo provided the perfect opportunity to further the students’ learning on this topic.

Seek7, My City: Perth 2030

Seek7, one of Santa Maria’s Enhanced Learning programs, is designed to allow students the opportunity to explore ‘big ideas’ and develop a range of research and interpersonal skills. This year the focus has been ‘My City: Perth 2030’.

Mythbusters Science Fair

Myth Busters is a fun Science elective where students learn more about the scientific method and participate in project-based, hands-on learning while designing an experiment of their choice.

Year 7 Science Matters!

This week, Year 7 Science classes have been learning about the different states of matter: solids, liquids and gases. The girls have been enjoying themselves by pretending to be particles and arranging themselves as the different states of matter. By playing this game, the girls are using kinaesthetic and visual learning styles to help them understand the topic in a new and interesting way.

Year 7 Camp 2018

The Year 7 Camp was an opportunity for our Year group to create the first of our fun memories at Santa Maria.

Dads Become Hairdressers

The Year 7 Father Daughter Evening was a great success. The Dads and Daughters shared a delicious dinner and then the dads learnt how to do their daughter’s hair. There were so many beautiful ponytails, buns and plaits. Some dads were also treated to creative hair do’s by their daughters!

Reflection Days

This week our Year 7 and Year 8 students have participated in Reflection Days run by Project Hatch.


This week our Year 7 students have been involved in the SEEK7 program. SEEK7 is a three-day Enhanced Learning Program for Year 7 students. The program is a mixture of skills sessions and work sessions where the girls research their very own BIG WHY question.

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