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Best Wishes, Year 12s – Jennifer Oaten

We wish Year 12s the best in their preparation and emphasise the importance of staying active and healthy and connected during exam times. Check on each other regularly and reach out if you need support.

Year 7s Focus on Friendships

Healthy friendships are a vital part of positive mental health. Linda Stade spoke to Year 7s about some of the friendship issues they may encounter in early adolescence and some positive approaches they can take.


Gone Fishing!

Fishing is not often associated with teenage girls, but maybe it should be. Year 11 Outdoor Education classes have been learning all facets of fishing.

Leadership Training Day

Last Thursday the leaders of 2021 were commissioned. This week, leadership training and formation sessions were held to start these girls on their journey.

Year 12 Boarders Say Thank You

Boarding staff members were acknowledged by the Year 12 boarders this week. The girls thanked the staff for all they’ve done for them during their time in their care at the College.

A Wrinkle in Time

The Middle School Production of ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ hit the stage over the weekend, with 60 cast and crew involved.

Thank You Letter To Catherine McAuley

I write this letter to you to say thank you to you, Catherine McAuley! We are so grateful to you for what we know as Mercy today. Without your opening of the House of Mercy in Dublin in September 1827, we may not exist as a thriving school community, for educating girls in the Mercy tradition which opened in 1938.

Interschool Spelling Bee

The annual Interschool Spelling Bee was hosted by Santa Maria College today.  Five primary schools brought their best spellers along.

Year 10 Dancing Lessons Pay Off

After weeks of dancing lessons with Aquinas College throughout Term 3, the Year 10 girls were excited to show off the new dances they’d learned at their much anticipated social.

Health Week 2020

This week was Health Week at the College! The Health & Physical Education Department ran a variety of activities for staff and students throughout the week.

Earth Day

On Wednesday we had our first Earth Day at the College to promote sustainability and raise awareness about environmental issues.

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