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News Blog

A Refugee’s Journey

Year 11 General RE classes are currently studying refugees in Australia. Their learning was enriched this week with a visit from Farzad Mousavi.

Year 7 Make & Create: Masks

Make and Create is a Year 7 Visual Arts elective course. The girls have been creating masks using sticks and other objects found on the College grounds.

Year 10 Design: Save the Date

Year 10 Design students were given the challenging task of creating an event styling display. The girls’ projects are now on display in the Mercy Gallery.


Today the College paid their respects to those who have served our country in times of conflict and war. Lest We Forget.

Students Have Sum Fun!

Teams from Years 5 – 12 entered the Have Sum Fun Maths competition this year. Students race against the clock to answer challenging questions.

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