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News Blog

A Little Bit of Improv

Over the past few weeks, students from all Houses across Years 7 – 11 have been participating in workshops for the annual Interhouse Drama.

Rottnest School For the Day

Year 9 Rec Studies students headed to Rottnest Island last week to complete their snorkelling unit and put to use the skills they’ve been learning.

Up Close and Personal

Year 7 Science students and Year 10 Biology students were treated to a visit with Lisa Harrap and friends from the Perth Reptile Company.


Congratulations to Year 11 student, Grace whose poem Shearing has been selected for inclusion in the publication Primo Lux.

A Lesson in Consent and Coercion

As part of the College’s ongoing Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum, our Year 11 students spent PCT today with Amanda from WA Child Safety Services. The topic was Consent and Coercion.

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