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Lunedì, Martedì, Mercoledì

Year 7 Languages students have been learning the days of the week in their Language classes. The girls were given the task to write a song about the topic.

New Year 7 Leaders Elected

Servant leadership was the theme underpinning the small gathering held in the College Chapel today to announce the newly elected Year 7 Leaders.

2020 Winter Appeal Kicks Off

Our 2020 Winter Appeal kicked off this week. In this, our year of Compassion, we are being asked to donate items or cash to support those less fortunate.

Thank You Primary Teachers

At the last leaders meeting, the Year 6 students wanted to do something to thank their teachers for the support and work they did during online learning.

Everything is Connected

Pope Francis invites us to celebrate Laudato Si’ Week from 16 – 24 May 2020. The theme for the week is Everything is Connected.

What is the Enhanced Learning Program all about?

Each of our Enhanced Learning Programs has several Connecting Learning to Life attributes that we try to focus on. While many of them will have those ideas of problem-solving, critical thinking and communication, some of them are more about the individual and following their area of interest.

Film Music Analysis

What is your favourite piece of film music, that big orchestral sound that brings your Saturday night movie to life?

Sport Is Back!

Co-curricular sport is back! With the easing of some restrictions by the government this week, small groups of girls can train together again.

Blubber Gloves!

Year 5 students visited the Super Lab today to conduct an investigation into how effective blubber is for staying warm.

Volunteer Week: Students Create Care Packages

This week is National Volunteer Week, Santa Maria students volunteer in the community as part of our Service program, but many go above and beyond their compulsory hours because they enjoy the benefits of volunteering.

Meet Our Staff: Veronica Kerr

Veronica Kerr is our Manager of ICT Services. She has worked in IT in a number of contexts and has seen enormous changes in her time in the industry.

Heart-to-Heart Teaching

Face-to-face learning is back at Santa Maria and we couldn’t be happier. It seems our girls feel the same way. What is so special about ‘face-to-face’?

Recreating Works of Art

Inspired by a challenge set by Getty Museum, Santa Maria Visual Arts staff and students were challenged to recreate works of art using items and people from home.

Love Letter To The World

Year 9 Religious Education students have been writing love letters to the world, highlighting the love, courage and positivity evident during these times.

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