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What Does Holy Week Mean For Us?

Easter is an opportunity for us to transform our lives and seek new ways to encounter God. It is the perfect time to consider all the things we are grateful for.

Cross Country Challenge

The Interhouse Cross Country Carnival was due to run today, so we asked staff and students to share their running shots from home in a House challenge.

Ask Any Girl!

Last night would have been opening night for the 2020 production, Ask Any Girl. Instead, the cast and crew have created a parody. Sit back, relax and watch as the 2020 cast and crew of Ask Any Girl, put on a different show for you.

Year 7s Keeping Gratitude Journals

As part of their Mercy Wellbeing Program, the Year 7s will be keeping their own gratitude journals to remind themselves of the ‘good’ they experience in everyday life.

Staff On Working Remotely

This is the first official week of online learning and teaching for our students and staff. We asked staff to tell us how their first week has been.

Principal Santa Maria College

Thank You – Jennifer Oaten

As Principal of Santa Maria College, I wanted to thank you for your support during these difficult times. It is a tough time for all of us but I know we will come through this, even stronger, as a community.

Music for the Soul

Nothing lifts spirits like music. At lunchtime and recess girls are enjoying some happy, upbeat music to add a little joy to the day.

Cards for Health Care Workers

In Corbett PCT today the girls wrote meaningful thank you notes to health care workers thanking them for their service on the ‘front-line’ of the coronavirus issue.

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