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We Stand Together – Jennifer Oaten

Humans show great diversity. Diversity can be defined as the entire spectrum of the differences that exist among humans across the world that includes cultural background, colour, religious affiliation, age, gender, sexual orientation and ability.

Time, santa maria college perth

Time, Our Most Precious Resource – Jennifer Oaten

Now that we have removed or minimised the external pressures, such as sport, social outings, shopping trips, commuting to and from work, we have realised how overcommitted we are in our lives. This extra time at home has given us opportunity to reflect on how we utilise our time. Time is the most precious commodity we can have because unlike money, we can’t make more of it.

Share Your Story

We would love to share more stories on what our alumni have been doing since leaving school. We hope that you can find some time to share your story with us.

Introverts and COVID-19 – Jennifer Oaten

With current COVID-19 restrictions in place, I feel no guilt about wanting to stay at home on Friday night and sit on the couch, rather than attending a social gathering. There is no one I have to see, and nowhere I have to go!

Carol Oetiker (2016)

Carol Oetiker loved her time as a boarder and since she left school, has pursued her dream of becoming a pastry chef.

Michelle Faria (2007)

Michelle Faria studied a Bachelor of Education after graduating in 2007, lived and worked in the UK, and then came full circle to teaching back at Mel Maria.

Rebecca Sullivan (2010)

Rebecca completed a Bachelor of Psychology in 2017 and competitive karate, selected for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Qualification Tournament.

Family Time is precious

Family Time Is Precious – Jennifer Oaten

Family time is precious. As parents, it seems that one minute we are holding a tiny baby and the next they are a teenager, with their license and their independence where mum and dad play a much smaller role.

Jo Gilbert (Kerin, 1991)

Since graduating in 1991 Jo pursued a career in accounting and travelled overseas but was ultimately drawn back to being close to family in Katanning.

Natalie Scott (Ranson, 1990)

Soon after graduating from Santa Maria College Natalie moved to Queensland to pusue her studies in Physiotherapy at the University of Queensland.

Louise Matson (Begley, 1982)

Louise Matson travels the world. In her 40’s creates niche business later in life to strike a work-life balance in none other than Florence, Italy.

Larissa Oliver (2010)

Larissa Oliver’s (2010) nursing career and continued studies has lead her back to an ideal life in Mount Barker with her partner and being close to family.

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