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Thank You Letter To Catherine McAuley

I write this letter to you to say thank you to you, Catherine McAuley! We are so grateful to you for what we know as Mercy today. Without your opening of the House of Mercy in Dublin in September 1827, we may not exist as a thriving school community, for educating girls in the Mercy tradition which opened in 1938.

Connecting Learning to Life

We want our girls to go out into the world and have the skills to solve problems such as breast cancer. They may not find a cure for cancer, but there are many ways, through creative thinking and problem solving that new ideas can change the quality of life for others or the quality of our world.

Creating A Love Of Science

Growing up on a farm, Science surrounded me as a little girl. From calves being born to our pet kangaroo, to planting vegetables, understanding the importance of the weather, firebreaks or dung beetles, the processes of preserving fruit and jams and the benefits of fixing or modifying what you have, rather than buying new.

Create The Change – Jennifer Oaten

In developing the path forward in any organisation, it is vital that all members have a voice and their voice is valued. We have taken this belief into our process for the development of the next College Strategic Plan.

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