Uniting for a Purpose: Purple Bra Day

In 2021, statistics revealed that the likelihood of a woman being diagnosed with breast cancer by her 85th birthday stood at an alarming 1 in 7, with a staggering 19,866 Australian women projected to face this diagnosis. Breast cancer, the most prevalent form of cancer among women, has left an indelible mark on countless lives, touching us all in some way.

At Santa Maria College, our annual Purple Bra Day encourages us all to stand beside those affected by this disease. This vibrant event saw the College come together in a sea of bras and a sea of purple, the colour synonymous with breast cancer awareness.

Support and Awareness

Leading this remarkable charge was Head Girl, Nishi Jayawickrema and our student leaders, who shed light on the significance of Purple Bra Day. This initiative supports Breast Cancer Care WA, an organisation committed to providing specialised breast care nursing, counselling, and crucial financial aid to those grappling with breast cancer, along with their families, within the Western Australian community.

Enthusiasm and Impact Merge

The campus came alive during the event, offering an array of fun activities. During recess, the smell of baked goods filled the air as leaders from Years 7 to 9 shared a delectable array of treats for sale. The Year 12 ball dress parade is always a highlight as the senior girls show off their dresses from the Year 12 ball. At lunch, the Years 10 and 11 leaders took charge of a very popular sausage sizzle, and the ever-thrilling staff versus students BRAsketball game drew large cheers and laughter from the spectators.

A New Initiative

What set this year apart was the collaboration between the Student Representative Council (SRC) and the Year 12 Student Leadership Council (SLC). This year, the two councils joined efforts to magnify the impact of the student-led initiatives, with Purple Bra Day at the forefront of their mission.

Beyond the activities, the day served as a canvas for reflection. Year 12 SLC members and junior leaders stationed themselves around the campus before school, distributing eco-friendly stickers designed by our Visual Arts Captain, Amy Oaten. A poignant video shown to all students during Homeroom, crafted jointly by the SRC and SLC, explained the purpose of Purple Bra Day and shone a light on the remarkable efforts of Breast Cancer Care WA. The video further spotlighted the Year 10 SRC breast cancer awareness campaign, featuring brave stories from Year 10 leaders, Scarlett Forzatti and Amy Sellers, who shared the personal experiences of their families with breast cancer.

Empowering Awareness

Central to this year’s Purple Bra Day was the Year 10 Breast Cancer awareness campaign, led by Year 10 leader Scarlett Forzatti. Scarlet’s family’s personal experience with breast cancer has fuelled her determination to spread awareness. Their campaign adorned the school with informative posters, weaving together facts, statistics, and poignant stories surrounding breast cancer. Adding an element of excitement, the Year 10 cohort organised a raffle featuring delectable food platters generously contributed by the General Store in Myaree.

A Celebration of Unity and Giving

For Nishi Jayawickrema, Head Girl, the joy of Purple Bra Day resonated deeply. This event provided a respite from individual schedules, allowing staff and students to unite, and enjoy each other’s company, while engaging in diverse activities, all for a wonderful cause. The spirit and generosity of Santa Maria College shone radiantly beneath the hue of purple, this week.

A Heartfelt Gratitude

As the event concluded, Nishi extended her gratitude on behalf of both the Student Leadership Council and the Student Representative Council. She applauded the College community for its unwavering support, emphasising that these moments exemplify the vibrancy and generosity that define Santa Maria. Nishi shared special thanks to Mrs Schubert, Dean of Year 12, for her meticulous coordination and to all staff who lent their support. She shared a heartfelt applause for the student leaders, their efforts, and their profound impact on the lives of those affected by breast cancer in Western Australia, through the success of another Purple Bra Day.

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