Wellness Connect: Ultimate Wellness Hub for Parents & Students

College psychologists Sarah Hmood, Diann Kerr & Kimberlee Burrows

We are excited to unveil ‘Wellness Connect’ this semester – an innovative online platform meticulously crafted by our wonderful team of psychologists. Its primary mission is to establish a vital connection between our community and invaluable mental health resources.

Kim Burrows, College Psychologist, shared her enthusiasm, saying, “Wellness Connect is the fruit of our dedication and passion, driven by the need to assist both students and parents in navigating the vast landscape of online mental health information. The internet is teeming with resources, from parenting support to virtual forums and even free psychological interventions. We aimed to streamline access to high-quality resources for our community. Moreover, we wanted to foster a stronger bond between our community and our dedicated team, making us and our remarkable Santa Maria Wellbeing Programs more visible and accessible.”

Accessible to parents and students through the SEQTA splash page, Wellness Connect offers:

  1. Curated Resources for Students: Organised by essential themes, such as managing stress and anxiety, coping with low mood, body image concerns, addressing friendship challenges, improving sleep, and helping troubled friends.
  2. Curated Resources for Parents: Categorised by key topics like resolving parent-teen conflicts, providing support to boarders dealing with homesickness, guiding young people through peer conflicts, and assisting teens facing low mood, anxiety, body image issues, and eating concerns.
  3. Links to Free Online Psychological Interventions: Direct access to valuable online interventions designed to combat anxiety and low mood.
  4. Details of Santa’s Wellbeing Initiatives: Stay updated on Santa Maria’s wellness initiatives and upcoming events to actively participate in enhancing your well-being.
  5. Links for Referrals: Convenient links for students and parents to connect with our psychology team and external specialists for personalised support.

Additionally, parents will find a collection of regularly updated videos created by our psychologists. These videos provide step-by-step guidance on common mental health concerns and timely issues affecting teenagers.

We invite you to explore Wellness Connect today. It’s a resource we’re proud of and believe you’ll love it as much as we do!

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