Year 6 Students Celebrate their Primary Days

As the final year of primary school draws near for our Year 6 students, a special day was dedicated to reflecting on their educational journey. The day commenced with a liturgy attended by the students and their parents, during which the girls prayed, reflected, and celebrated their years in primary school.

Following this, the girls and their guests enjoyed a special morning tea outside the chapel. The rest of the day allowed the girls to create vision boards in their classrooms. Armed with blank canvases, they utilised their unique styles and creativity to craft vision boards sharing their hopes for the future. These boards encompassed aspirations for the upcoming years at Santa Maria and their journey into adulthood. They considered their dreams, potential leadership roles, significant figures in their lives, motivating quotes, artistic elements, colour choices, and various forms of self-expression to produce their final pieces. It was a delightful and empowering experience for the girls.

The day concluded with a reflective prayer ceremony, during which the girls delved into the Mercy values and expressed gratitude for their experiences. The ceremony culminated with a poignant blessing:

To wrap up the day, the girls returned home, changed out of their uniforms, and returned to the College for a celebration party filled with fun, games, friendship, music, and jubilation.

As the girls enter their final days of primary school, we wish them blessings for their future as high school students at Santa Maria College.

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