Empowering Women in STEM: Year 9 Coding Excursion

Some of our Year 9 students enjoyed an exciting excursion recently, igniting their passion for coding and empowering them to explore the boundless opportunities within the tech world at the Winthrop Women in Code excursion held at Mineral Resources Park.

This excursion, coinciding with International Women’s Day, brought together a community of aspiring young female coders eager to unleash their creativity and harness the power of technology.

The day was packed with engaging activities designed to ignite passion and curiosity:

Hands-on App Design: Students delved into the world of app design, applying their problem-solving skills to tackle real-world issues.

Interactive Coding Challenges: The interactive coding challenges were a hit, where students enthusiastically tackled coding activities in a fun and competitive environment.

Inspiring Leaders: Industry professionals and successful women in tech shared their journeys, inspiring students with their stories of success.

Networking Opportunities: Students had the chance to connect with mentors, speakers, and peers, fostering a supportive community within the coding realm.

During the excursion, students immersed themselves in various hands-on activities and workshops related to coding. These experiences provided invaluable insights and skills, shaping their perspective on coding beyond the classroom.

Among the highlights of the event, Stephanie Kerr, one of our own students, emerged as a competition winner, showcasing her exemplary problem-solving skills. Students were also deeply engaged in the hands-on app design activities, finding joy and fulfilment in creating solutions through coding.

Head of Technology & Commerce, Dave Nelson explains the importance of events like this for our students. “Participating in this event has significant takeaways for our Year 9 students. It validates their interest and potential in STEM fields, fostering empowerment and confidence. It reaffirms the notion that coding is not just a skill but an enjoyable endeavour.”

Dave continues, “The Winthrop Women in Code excursion significantly contributes to the school’s broader goals of empowering young women and promoting STEM education by providing students with hands-on experience in coding and app design. Through interactive challenges and workshops led by industry professionals and successful women in tech, students not only gain valuable technical skills but are also inspired by female leaders in the field. The networking opportunities offered during the event help students foster a supportive community, encouraging their continued engagement and pursuit of STEM subjects. Overall, the excursion equips young women with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to excel in STEM fields, aligning perfectly with the school’s mission of empowering and educating the next generation of female leaders in technology.”

In their own words, students expressed their delight and gratitude for the enriching experience:

Stephanie Kerr reflects on her win and the rewarding nature of the excursion, while Sophie McCarthy described it as a transformative experience that has sparked her interest in pursuing coding beyond the classroom.

The Winthrop Women in Code excursion stands as an inspiration for our young women, igniting a passion for coding and paving the way for future successes in the tech industry.

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